Simple HOA Health Check Up

Do you have a happy, healthy homeowners association?  Even happy healthy families have their challenges.  It’s all a matter of how problems are addressed.

Here’s a list of statements that successful HOAs can make:

  • Our meetings are well-attended and productive
  • Community information is available to all members, including those who don’t use e-mail.
  • At least 85% of association members pay their assessments on time.
  • We are saving for known future repairs and replacement.
  • Our community is a safe, comfortable place for all.
  • We have an audit of our expenses.
  • We publish the minutes of our board meetings.
  • We’ve had a professional insurance review in the last two years.
  • Board service is attractive and respected.
  • Neighborhood disagreements are rare, and they are settled quickly and respectfully.
  • We are compliant with applicable regulations and filings.
  • We have an effective, written format for addressing community problems.
  • We get competitive bids for work done.
  • Our appearance, common areas, fencing and signage speak well for our community.
  • I would recommend our community to a good friend looking for a home or investment.
  • I believe our HOA enhances the value of the property in the community.

If this sound like your homeowners association, congratulations!   If some areas need improvement, we can help.

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